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I am now interested in finding a benefactor/​collector for my entire trove of manuscripts, notebooks, and signed first editions of all my work. Over 50 years of production. Serious inquiry invited. email: jerryratch@​

All works copyrighted, owned and controlled by the author. Inquiries invited.


A Body Divided: a memoir about growing up with polio - The story of a one-armed boy becoming a man in a two-fisted world. $18.00 signed and delivered.

Newly finished novel: The San Francisco Poetry Wars, a novel somewhat similar to The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. (60,000 words)

"Hilarious! A romp!"
"A lot of straight-ahead power to the book."
- Richard Silberg, Poetry Flash

“Great stuff. I feel like if Kerouac and Vonnegut had had a baby you might be it,
with Heller as your god-father maybe. Really funny."
-- Thomas Calder,

New novel in progress: Adulterated Memoirs (approx 45,000 words)
an epistolary novel from both the male and female points of view, in the form of an exchange of emails between two old ex-lovers, by Jerry Ratch and Alana Illinois. Flash-Fiction.

Also, a new manuscript of poems available: The Six Second Rule.

Since the publisher for my first novel, WILD DREAMS OF REALITY, went out of business, I am seeking a new publisher to re-issue that book.

Agent and Publisher inquiries invited.

Selected Works

from Any Puppet Press, designed and produced by Sherry Karver
Sequence of poems about Chairman Mao, written from Chinese posters.
Long 65 page sequence by a Puppet without a name, thus the "X" of its generation. Available on Kindle.
Sequence of poems, based on Egyptian theme
Poems from Selected Books, up to 1982
Experimental language poems
Poems mostly based on paintings. Available on Kindle.
A story of Love, Obsession, and Liberation. Available on Kindle.
The story of a one-armed boy becoming a man in a two-fisted world. Available on Kindle.
prose poems
A sequence of poems by a narrator who's been told to appraise paintings by V. Lenin, though he didn't know Lenin painted.