The Author

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The Author


Born: Chicago, IL in 1944

B.A. in English, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1967
M.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of California at Irvine, 1970

Wild Dreams of Reality: - a novel, 2001, Creative Arts. About this book Richard Ford said: “The almost, but not quite innocent directness of Ratch’s savvy little novel is irresistible to me. I read it in a sitting. I’m glad real writers still want to write books this way.”

Oakley Hall wrote: “Jerry Ratch’s novel of low jinks in Berkeley goes off like a packet of Chinese firecrackers, and never stops popping.”

Puppet X (Shameless Hussy Press, 1973, 1976)
Clown Birth (Shameless Hussy Press, 1975)
The Suburban Poem (Nemesis Press, 1975)
Osiris (Cloud Marauder Press, 1977)
Chaucer Marginalia (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1979)
Rose (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1979)
Hot Weather: Selected Poems (Scarecrow Press, Metuchen NJ. 1982)
Chairman (Sombre Reptiles Press, 1982)
Helen (Cloud Marauder Press, 1984)
Lenin’s Paintings (Illuminati Press, 1987)
Light (O Books, 1988)
Homeowner Haiku, (Frog, 2005)
The Six Second Rule, new poems (Any Puppet Press, 2012)

Practising Angels, 1985
Dreams Are Wiser Than Men, 1986
O One/​ An Anthology, 1988
How the Net Is Gripped, Contemporary American Poetry, 1992
The Age of Koestler, 1994

Work in the following publications:
San Francisco Chronicle
Carolina Quarterly
Louisville Review
Negative Capability
Antioch Review
COE Review
Contact II
Sonoma Mandala
The Galley Sail Review
The Berkeley Poetry Review
Hiram Poetry Review
Brick and Mortar Review
Colorado State Review
Milvia Street Literary Journal
Apple Valley Review
Maryland Literary Review
and others...

Selected Works

from Any Puppet Press, designed and produced by Sherry Karver
Sequence of poems about Chairman Mao, written from Chinese posters.
Long 65 page sequence by a Puppet without a name, thus the "X" of its generation. Available on Kindle.
Sequence of poems, based on Egyptian theme
Poems from Selected Books, up to 1982
Experimental language poems
Poems mostly based on paintings. Available on Kindle.
A story of Love, Obsession, and Liberation. Available on Kindle.
The story of a one-armed boy becoming a man in a two-fisted world. Available on Kindle.
prose poems
A sequence of poems by a narrator who's been told to appraise paintings by V. Lenin, though he didn't know Lenin painted.