Lenin's Paintings

sample (last entry):

Everybody was dressed in paper. By the end of the day there was a long line of people waiting for new clothing since what they had on was torn to shreds during the day. Their uniforms hanging from their bodies. They all looked unwrapped. Paper smocks, paper dresses, paper hats.

I had walked by something that snagged my dress and it had literally been torn off me. I had to swathe it back around my body and hold a corner of it tucked under my arm while we went on through the rest of the tour.

And it was in this manner that we passed by Lenin's body lying in state. They had never put him in the ground. He was in perfect shape as if he were still breathing and in good health. He was simply asleep.

Selected Works

from Any Puppet Press, designed and produced by Sherry Karver
Sequence of poems about Chairman Mao, written from Chinese posters.
Long 65 page sequence by a Puppet without a name, thus the "X" of its generation. Available on Kindle.
Sequence of poems, based on Egyptian theme
Poems from Selected Books, up to 1982
Experimental language poems
Poems mostly based on paintings. Available on Kindle.
A story of Love, Obsession, and Liberation. Available on Kindle.
The story of a one-armed boy becoming a man in a two-fisted world. Available on Kindle.
prose poems
A sequence of poems by a narrator who's been told to appraise paintings by V. Lenin, though he didn't know Lenin painted.