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Wild Dreams of Reality

A story of love, obsession, and liberation that is rich with atmosphere and insight into the human spirit.

"I became a fool for Adrienne Parker the first moment I set eyes on her." With these words, it begins.

"I just couldn't put it down." - Robert Hughes

"I'm glad real writers still want to write books this way." - Richard Ford

The screenplay for this work is available from the author.


from a letter from reader:

"Thank you so much for the experience of WILD DREAMS OF REALITY. Your inscription read "Enjoy!" and I certainly did... I kept returning to it at every possible moment, like a starved creature on a midnight raid to the refrigerator, or a chocoholic pawing through a 2 lb. box of See's candies.
What a fun, intriguing and moving romp! I am struck by the honesty, the openness, the optimism and the wisdom of the novel, along with the humor, the great dialogues and the smart, detailed descriptive passages. It made me hungry for love, for life, for hope and for my own religion, hidden from me under some dust from my own non-use.
Thank you for allowing the reader to get under and inside Philip's skin and to join him on his grand journey."

-- Marcia Schwartz