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I am now interested in finding a benefactor/collector for my entire trove of manuscripts, notebooks, and signed first editions of all my work. Over 50 years of production. Serious inquiry invited. email:

All works copyrighted, owned and controlled by the author. Inquiries invited.


A Body Divided: a memoir about growing up with polio - The story of a one-armed boy becoming a man in a two-fisted world. $18.00 signed and delivered.

Newly finished novel: The San Francisco Poetry Wars, a novel somewhat similar to The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. (60,000 words)

"Hilarious! A romp!"
"A lot of straight-ahead power to the book."
- Richard Silberg, Poetry Flash

“Great stuff. I feel like if Kerouac and Vonnegut had had a baby you might be it,
with Heller as your god-father maybe. Really funny."
-- Thomas Calder,

New novel in progress: Adulterated Memoirs (approx 45,000 words)
an epistolary novel from both the male and female points of view, in the form of an exchange of emails between two old ex-lovers, by Jerry Ratch and Alana Illinois. Flash-Fiction.

Also, a new manuscript of poems available: The Six Second Rule.

Since the publisher for my first novel, WILD DREAMS OF REALITY, went out of business, I am seeking a new publisher to re-issue that book.

Agent and Publisher inquiries invited.